At Richardson Moving & Storage, we understand more than most how stressful a move can be (no thanks to a broken moving system) the process of moving house can become incredibly complicated, with alot of parties involved – including those moving within the chain, solicitors, estate agents and banks. To help our customers navigate their house move as easily as possible, we offer a range of container storage – so if anything goes wrong with the house move – property can be easily and quickly removed to storage, removing the burden of finding a place for all of your contents to be stored.

Below, we run through a couple of situations where self storage has been needed by our customers, in their own words!

Moving back ‘Home’

Having moved away to University, and carried out a student (ish) lifestyle renting properties with friends in Leeds after I had finished University, I realised the only realistic way of getting myself on the property ladder was to move back in with my parents for a year or two, during which time I would save up a deposit, and then buy my own property.

Moving back into my parents house was not exactly easy, and I had some belongings that I could not take back home with me – sofa, bed, cupboards etc – so I spoke to Richardson Moving & Storage who came and collected them, packed them up and stored them at their premises. I have access all of the time, and after agreeing a pretty reasonable rate – I can go and collect them once this deposit is saved up….

Being able to accept a house offer

My Property was on the market when an urgent request from a buyer came through, with the stipulation of being able to move in within a fortnight – before they had to travel away with work. Knowing that the house sale had to go through – I decided instead of waiting to find somewhere for myself, to sell my house and move in with my mother, with the majority of my belongings being packed up and stored with Richardsons. Richardson Moving & Storage acted very quickly, and my goods were packed up and shipped off to transport within a couple of days – allowing my to sell my house with minimum disruption.

Friday Moving day issues!

With the wagon packed up on the drive by early morning, it was gutting to understand that the bank would not be able to release the funds until the monday (yes, the weekend away) the team at Richardsons quickly sprung into action and drove all of my property to their container storage premises – and then came back with it the following week once all of the admin issues has been sorted out. The alternative to this, unpacking everything back into the house would have been to much to bare, so I am incredibly grateful this service was available.

Container Storage at Richardson Moving & Storage

A word from our MD John Burridge about how container storage was first introduced by the business:

Almost 11 yrs ago Northern Rock collapsed and the global financial crisis also hit. At the same time the American fad for self-storage also moved over the pond. We jumped on the self -storage bandwagon and were lucky enough to get in early and build up a good commercial base.

Now the self-storage market is good in areas where property prices makes having a unit as a spare room, shed or garage a viable idea, but in the North East it really should not be required.

It seems that clients are now realising that for temporary storage, between houses, container storage is a far superior product. We are delighted to share with you the news that we have just bought 20 new containers, the first time in over 11 years.

Long may it continue.