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Student Removals Across The North East

Student Removals

Being a student requires you to be pretty mobile. Firstly, you leave home to move to university, you then spend time moving back home during your semesters, you then leave your student halls after your first year in a house across town, then you usually spend a year in one house before moving into another property during your final year. During your time at university, you may also choose to study, teach or gain some work experience abroad or at another university in the UK – if these moves are for any length of time, you will also need assistance in moving your property.

Keeping your possessions safe in transit can be a source of huge concern for students, regardless of whether you are moving a few streets away, to a different city, or to a placement in China.

We have been providing a huge range of removal services to students for decades. Over the years we have:

  • Moved people from home to halls
  • Moved people from halls to home
  • Moved individual’s goods to different houses
  • Moved individuals to another university
  • Moved full student houses
  • Moved goods internationally to countries including USA, Australia and China

We have worked with the following universities:

  • Newcastle University
  • Durham University
  • Northumbria University
  • Teesside University
  • University of Sunderland

For more information on any of our student removal services, just get in touch.


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