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Removals Redcar

Starting life as a fishing village in the 14th century, the name Redcar is thought to have come from ‘place by the red marsh’ From its humble beginnings as a fishing village, Redcar rose to prominence as a seaside destination popular with tourists in the 19th century, during which time the town benefited from the creation of a railway.

During the 1850’s Iron Ore was discovered and the population rocketed as work became available at local industrial sites. Sadly, such industries have been in decline over the last few decades. Today, Redcar has a population of about 36,000 a lot of whom are housed in Redcar’s charming terraced streets.

Today, Redcar is in the perfect location to explore the coast, and the countryside. Redcar also boasts a number of museums including Kirkleatham Museum, which boasts local history exhibits and the Lifeboat museum on the seafront. There is also a busy high street which boasts great shopping, restaurants and bars.

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