If you have read the title of this blog post, and not smirked at the infamous Chandelier Scene from Only Fools and Horses – then you need to watch the video below, immediately!

Thankfully, at Richardson Moving & Storage – we have developed an excellent strategy for moving chandeliers of all shapes and sizes. Combining highly trained staff, with innovative moving materials – we carry out fully insured moves of chandeliers pretty often, especially in older, larger properties we have worked in.

We always recommend that a qualified electrician is used to disconnect the chandelier, and then our moving teams can help. Although each chandelier is different – here is an insight into the process we have developed for packing a chandelier.

  1. Tape up & Secure wires & cables with tape, elastic bands & ties.
  2. Removal of lightbulbs
  3. Separate wrapping & storage for light bulbs
  4. Strong Cardboard Box Chosen
  5. Polystyrene Packaging in bottom of box
  6. Careful placement of chandelier in box
  7. Box filled with polystyrene packaging
  8. Box sealed
  9. Box labelled fragile
  10. Loaded carefully onto removals vehicle
  11. Transport to new location
  12. Careful Unpacking

As well as moving Chandeliers, at Richardson Moving & Storage – we are the experts in transporting high value antiques and fragile goods. As always, if you have any questions about your move, or moving specific goods – please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.