At Richardson Moving & Storage, we carry out moves all over the country – to and from homes of all different shapes and sizes. Whilst many of these moves are for families and couples making their way up the property ladder into bigger homes, more and more we are moving people into smaller homes. This got us thinking, what are the benefits of downsizing, and also during a move – what considerations need to be taken.  

We recently had an enquiry in from a lady in Guisborough, Sue Theobald, who was looking to move out of the large four bedroom family home in Guisborough – into a smaller property now her children have both moved out – divorced a couple of years ago, she no longer needs to live in such a large house. Sue very kindly agreed to answer a few questions for us, and give us some insight into why she has decided to make the move.

First of all, how did you hear about Richardson Moving & Storage?

It’s been a local firm I have known about for years, I first used Richardson’s about 15 years ago for a move and it went like clockwork, so there was no need really to speak to anybody else! I work in a bank, and a lot of our customer services focus on being dementia friendly, as well as playing an active role in the community, reading the reviews of Richardson’s these aspects are well covered, so that’s good enough for me!

How did you make the decision to downsize your property?

Both my children have now moved out of the family home, which has left me as what I call an ‘empty nester’ I have got more furniture that I need, more bedrooms than I will ever need and far too much house to clean and dust. I am looking to swap the large family rooms in my home, for smaller – cosier rooms for me to enjoy.

Having gone through a divorce, I managed to keep the family home – so I am also looking forward to reducing my monthly outgoings and the duration of my mortgage.

Where are you moving to?

It’s highly likely that I will stay in Guisborough, close to the children and also to my mum who isn’t getting any younger. I really like the layout of some of the new properties being built, which are a three bedroomed – small enough for me to look after easily, and big enough to cope with if (god help me) the children need to come back and live with me for a while.

What do you think the challenges will be, moving to a smaller home?

I am hoping that you will take care of all of that! I think the biggest issue will be deciding what to throw away. It’s not possible to take everything with me, and it’s going to be a new challenge for me deciding which furniture fits in the house, and what doesn’t. I am likely to get moved in, and whatever excess furniture I have – put it into storage before deciding what exactly to do with it.

Moving Home with Richardson Moving & Storage

We are looking forward to helping Sue with her move later in the year, and wish her all the best in her new home. As a removals company, we take great pride in offering our customers a wide array of services which eliminate a lot of the hassle of a move. Sue is likely to use our packing and unpacking services, storage services, as well as using us to transport her goods across the town in which she lives. We are completely flexible in our approach, and will be happy to see how the move progresses, before offering Sue a storage solution that works for her.