How to Clean a New Home Before You Move In

Whenever you move into a new home, there is always a few weeks whilst it still does not sink in, that this is in fact your new home. Many customers who we deal with, report feeling like the house belongs to previous owners – that it is until they have had the opportunity to put their own stamp on their new home.

One of the biggest things which needs to happen when you move house, is a deep clean of your new home. Although the sellers have probably given the house a quick once over before leaving it, it’s nice to start on a clean slate – literally! Ideally, this clean would be carried out before your goods arrive at the property, but we understand that with tight deadlines and moving dates – this is not always possible.

In this article, we look at some of the areas you should focus on, when cleaning your new home.

Kitchen & White Goods

The Kitchen is probably the best part of the home to make a start on cleaning first. The fridge is an even better starting point to clean, doing this – allows you a clean and sterile environment where you can store any food and drink you need – safe in the knowledge that where they are stored is both safe and clean. To give the fridge a really good clean, use anti-bacterial sprays and cleaners, and be sure to remove drawers and shelves – areas which can store grime.

Once the fridge is spic and span, you can concentrate on the rest of the kitchen. Concentrate not only on the easy to clean work surfaces, but also any nooks and crannies which may have accumulate cooking grime. Also consider giving the oven a deep clean, whilst working on the kitchen. Most oven cleaners get to work in around twenty minutes – giving you time to focus on other areas whilst the chemicals work their magic.


The Bathroom is an incredibly personal area of the home, which will need almost immediate use. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make sure that everything is in order at the point of moving in. As well as cleaning, you want to ensure that you are removing and killing any lingering bacteria and germs – so invest in good antibacterial cleaning products. As well as all of the usual bathroom cleaning areas to concentrate on, also think about light switches, toilet roll holders, faucets and door handles.


Unless the property has been recently decorated, consider spending some time cleaning the walls inside of your property. Look out for things which need sorting, such as grubby areas around light switches and grubby marks – which may be present at ‘children height’

Carpets & Floors

Another important part of cleaning any new home, is spending some time thoroughly cleaning the hard floors and soft flooring across your home. Many people choose to use the services of a carpet cleaner, whilst others choose to give the house a thorough vacuum. For wood, tile and other types of hard flooring – mop with a mild soap – or save time and use anti-bacterial floor wipes.

Look Above!

When giving a house a deep clean, it’s very easy to neglect the areas which are out of the direct line of sight. Spend some time cleaning light fittings, shelves, the top of wardrobes and ceiling fans etc. These areas are normally neglected – so a one off clean should keep things shipshape for a little while.

Above are just a few tips on how to really attack the cleaning of a new property when moving, what’s your best home moving tip? Let us know in the comments below.

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