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We are Richardson Moving and Storage. With over 40 years of experience serving our thriving local community, we are your trusted full-service moving and storage company. Whether you’re planning a residential move or relocating your business, we have the expertise and resources to handle it all.

We understand that moving can be one of life’s most stressful events. That’s why we focus on more than just the logistics; we aim to create a personal, stress-free experience from start to finish. Our team takes the time to understand your needs, offering tailored advice and support throughout the moving process.

We’re not just moving your belongings; we’re moving your life. And we take that responsibility seriously, with a personal touch and professional care that ensures a seamless transition to your new beginning. Trust in Richardson Moving and Storage to be your partner in a stress-free move.

What truly sets us apart is our team.

Our dedicated movers and planners are not just employees; they’re the heart of our operation. 

Their loyalty is unmatched, with many having been with us for decades, passing on their knowledge and passion through every box packed and every piece of furniture carefully moved. Their skills have been honed over years of service, ensuring that your belongings are in the safest hands.

John Burridge

Managing director

Role: Managing Director

Nicknames: Budgie, Buzza’s dad, The Grand Fromage

Years of service: 44

Tea or coffee: Tea with Snacks, Coffee without

Favourite moving memory: Taking my father on his last move- to the crematorium in one of our large trucks, full removal man guard of honour

Worst moving Memory: ON completion of a move to a 5th floor Parisian apartment, slipping on the top step and finishing on the 4th floor on my butt!

Favourite bit of furniture to move: Concert grand piano

Favourite box: Short wardrobe carton

Hobbies: following Wharfedale RUFC, skiing, mountain biking, eating (lots)

Josh Burridge


Nickname: Buzz, Buzza, Baldy, Peanut

Years of service: 8

Tea or coffee: Coffee- iced latte with oat milk and a shot of caramel

Favourite moving memory: every single day!!! I love removals!

Worst moving memory: Top floor flat in bexhill on sea with a long walk, road closures on the way home meaning not getting home till 2.30am

Favourite box: Tall wardrobe carton- I can fill it full of bits!

Hobbies: Eating, drinking, socialising, playing rugby, propping up the industry

Clare Koch

Accounts & payroll manager

Nickname: Clare Bear, Clarey bell, Bloke spice

Years of service: 7 & 9- I’ve had two stints!

Tea or coffee: Coffee- but not that instant rubbish!

Favourite moving memory: Arriving back in the UK

Worst moving memory: Driving back from turkey with my belongings, 5 days of hell

Favourite bit of furniture to move: Fridge- to keep the wine chilled!

Favourite box: wardrobe cartons-Saves ironing clothes!

Hobbies: Baking, Eating, Drinking wine (any colour will do)

Michelle Susan Csoma

Office admin superstar

Nickname: Shell, Princess, Shellybops

Role: Office admin superstar

Years of service: 3 ½ years

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Favourite moving memory: the Day My EX moved out!

Worst moving memory: moving myself in a hire van, being in the back trying to stop stuff moving about!

Favourite bit of furniture to move: My bed, because I’m always in it!

Favourite box: Pack1- easy to pack!

Hobbies: reading, Listening to 80’s and Motown music

Ali Lang

Quality Manager

Nickname: Ali

Years of service: 4

Tea or coffee: Tea- Milk with 1 sugar (or a 4 pack of monster energy)

Favourite moving memory: A week packing up in Brighton to bring back to the north east!

Worst moving memory: 13th storey flat in kings cross, London

Favourite bit of furniture to move: Sofa-Straight onto a false floor in a van

Favourite box: Tall Wardrobe carton

Hobbies: Rugby and exploring the world!

Ian 'Tomo' Thompson

HGV driver

Nickname: Tommo, Baldy, One bat Barry

Years of service: 24

Tea or coffee: Tea with milk and 1 sugar

Favourite moving memory: Piano down stairs in 10 Downing street

Worst moving memory: Flat in London

Favourite bit of furniture to move: Anything light

Favourite box: Pack 2- perfect size to lift!

Hobbies: Football, Gold

Michael Devlin

7.5t driver

Nickname: Dev, Mick

Years of service: 36

Tea or coffee: Hot chocolate

Favourite moving memory: First time over to Ireland for 3 nights

Worst moving memory: Early days on council jobs

Favourite bit of furniture to move: Grand pianos + Clocks

Favourite box: Pack 2

Hobbies: Motorcycling and gaming

Darren Perry

7.5t driver

Nickname: Daz, Pezza

Years of service: 27

Tea or coffee: beer!

Favourite moving memory: 5 o’clock Friday

Worst moving memory: 8 o’clock Monday   

Favourite bit of furniture to move: Chair

Favourite box: Pack 1

Hobbies: Football

Andrew Smith

3.5t driver

Nickname: Smithy, Miff, Miffter, Keg

Years of service: 11

Tea or coffee: Tea- Milk, 1 sugar

Favourite moving memory: moving a pack 3 full of bedding

Worst moving memory: Top floor flat in London

Favourite bit of furniture to move: a box

Favourite box: Pack 3- nice and light

Hobbies: drinking!

Matthew "Matty' Bedlington

3.5t driver

Nickname: Meatball, Massive head, Cube, Pack 2, Bedo

Years of service: 11

Tea or coffee: coffee-Black

Favourite moving memory: to many to list- I love my job!!!

Worst moving memory: Job which wasn’t packed up in London- turned into 2 nights away

Favourite bit of furniture to move: Side table

Favourite box: Pack 2 as it resembles the same shape as my head

Hobbies: Gym, Football, Video games

Alan Walker

Export packer & wrapper

Nickname: Waker, Al, Albo, Fire starter, Wabber, trippy talker

Years of Service: 24

Tea or coffee: Tea- Milk, 1 sugar

Favourite moving Memory: When everything is packed up properly.

Worst Moving Memory: when the ramps go down on the van

Favourite bit of furniture to move:

Favourite box: a light one

Hobbies: Dog racing, winding people up

Daniel Thompson

Export Packer & wrapper

Nickname: Danny, Peanut, Taz

Years of Service: 12

Tea or coffee: Tea- Milk

Favourite moving memory: Moving an old school car

Worst moving memory: Dirty job, dog poo everywhere!

Favourite bit of furniture to move: American fridge freezer

Favourite box: pack 1

Hobbies: Gym

Sam Peary-Gill

Export Packer & wrapper

Nickname: Muzz, Gilly

Years of service: 2 ½

Tea or coffee: Tea- Milk. 2 sugars

Favourite moving memory: First trip away!

Worst moving memory: House with a smelly fridge

Favourite bit of furniture to move: Anything Light

Favourite box: Pack 1- don’t have to move the box to see properly

Hobbies: football, Rugby

Owen Massey

3.5t driver

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Richardson Moving & Storage is a full-service moving and storage company, serving our local community for over 40 years.